Lee Mulcahy ’89

Lee Mulcahy is an artist in Aspen, CO. In January-March 2014 he exhibited at the R2 Gallery in Carbondale, CO. This spring, he will be exhibiting his work in Germany at the Universistat der Kunst and at Thomas Jefferson & Ben Franklin Newmedia Art Porch in Aspen. He earned a Master of Liberal Arts degree from SMU and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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    lee mulcahy March 09, 2017

    Lee Mulcahy was a featured artist in Carbondale Council for the Arts’ Valley Visual in January and February, 2017. In addition, Mulcahy exhibited at Art Basel Miami in December 2016, in Beijing’s 798 Arts District in March 2017, and will be in Aspen’s Red Brick for the Arts in May 2017.

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