August 16, 2013


The following story about SMU alumnus Joshua Peugh ’06 is from the August 15, 2013, edition of Pegasus News.

South Korean Transplant Expands ‘Seoul-searching’ Dance Group To Dallas

By Tiney Ricciardi

FORT WORTH — Dance can be both an objective and subjective art form. Depending on the style and execution, some productions allow being taken at face value. Others are meant to address deep, and often times uncomfortable, societal issues.

Ask lifelong dancer and choreographer Joshua Peugh. As co-founder and artistic director of Dark Circles Contemporary Dance Company, Peugh has made a career out of defining the difference between entertainment and art. This new to North Texas troupe, a secondary branch of the company that Peugh established in Seoul, South Korea, will be making its stateside debut at Hardy and Betty Sanders Theatre in September.

A native of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Peugh, 29, began taking tap and ballet classes at age three. He continued his classical training through high school and, upon graduating, pursued degrees in both dance and English at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

College was Peugh’s first experience in the world of modern dance. He was required to take up to three classes every week to satisfy his curriculum. All the while, Peugh said he maintained his status as a classical ballet dancer, though the contemporary style continually grew on him.

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