December 21, 2012

Trustee Chair
Caren H. Prothro

Business, academic, civic and religious leaders are serving on the SMU Board of Trustees through 2016. Members were elected in July by the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church and began their terms with the Board meeting in September. The 42-member board sets policies governing the operation of SMU.

In addition, Caren H. Prothro was re-elected as chair, Robert H. Dedman, Jr. ’80, ’84 is serving as vice chair and David B. Miller ’72, ’73 as secretary. Michael M. Boone ’63, ’67 has been named chair-elect, to become chair in June 2014.

“Working with Dr. Turner and his administration, the Board is leading SMU to an unprecedented level of progress – in academic quality, research, resource development and community impact. We fully expect to continue this momentum,” Prothro says.

Eleven new trustees were elected and 27 trustees were re-elected to four-year terms. Two new ex officio members were elected to represent students and faculty and two ex-officio members were re-elected.

New trustees are William D. Armstrong ’82, Richie L. Butler ’93, Jeanne Tower Cox ’78, Katherine Raymond Crow ’94, Antoine L.V. Dijkstra, Bishop James E. Dorff ’72, Larry R. Faulkner ’66, Bishop Michael McKee ’78, Scott J. McLean ’78, Connie Blass O’Neill ’77 and Richard Ware ’68.

Re-elected trustees are Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler ’48, Bradley W. Brookshire ’76, Laura Welch Bush ’68, Kelly Hoglund Compton ’79, The Rev. Mark Craig, Gary T. Crum ’69, Gerald J. Ford ’66, ’69, Antonio O. Garza, Jr. ’83, James R. Gibbs ’66, ’70, ’72, Frederick B. Hegi, Jr. ’66, Clark K. Hunt ’87, Ray L. Hunt ’65, Gene C. Jones, Bishop Scott J. Jones ’81, ’92, Fredrick S. Leach ’83, Paul B. Loyd, Jr. ’68, Bobby B. Lyle ’67, Rev. Dr. Sheron Covington Patterson ’83, ’89, ’96, Sarah Fullinwider Perot ’83, Jeanne L. Phillips ’76, Carl Sewell ’66, Richard K. Templeton and Royce E. (Ed) Wilson.

New ex officio trustees are Steven M. Edwards, president of the SMU Faculty Senate, and John D. Oakes ’13, student representative, who will serve one-year terms.

Continuing ex officio members are R. Gerald Turner, SMU president, and William H. Vanderstraaten ’82, chair of the SMU Alumni Board.

“Our newly elected trustees bring valuable perspectives to the Board. And with our continuing trustees, the Board will have a strong balance of insights and experience,” says Turner. “We also are grateful to trustees whose terms have expired. Their wisdom and support have positioned us for ongoing success.”