May 15, 2012


Martha Tannery Jones had her fifth children’s historical fiction book published. RED CALICO Traded for Young Girl (Hendrick-Long Publishing Co.) is based on the life of her great-great-grandmother, who lived with the Choctaw Indians her first 13 years.


Richard Deats has written Active Nonviolence Around the World and Stories of Courage, Hope, and Compassion, along with books on Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Muriel Lester and Hildegard Goss-Mayr.

Ginger Hamel Metcalfe married Glenn Flournoy in May 2011 after each was widowed following 50 years of marriage. They enjoy traveling and are involved in the arts in Shreveport.


Joan Mulcahy married John Carl Thompson Feb. 14, 2011.