December 23, 2011

Total: 1,382

Demographics: 51% female, 49% male; 55% from outside Texas; 26.6% diversity

Top states: Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia

Average SAT: 1268, up from 1243 last year

Average ACT: 28.4, up from 27.6 last year

Average GPA: 3.44, up from 3.37 last year

President’s Scholars: 45

Hunt Leadership Scholars: 27

Interesting Facts:

• 8 sets of twins and 2/3 of a set of triplets

• Most popular male names: Christopher, William, Andrew, Michael, and John

• Most popular female names: Katherine (spelled multiple ways), Lauren, Emily, Alexandra, and Sara

• Longest first name: Oluwadamilade

• Shortest first name: J

• Students attended more than  750 different high schools from Abilene, Texas, to ZhangJiagang, China.