December 23, 2011

Grant recipient and sophomore Jaywin Malhi also praises the Engaged Learning program. Malhi is a political science and business management major who plans to attend law school and
is considering a career in public service. Because he wants to learn firsthand how government works, he proposed and received a Congressional internship for summer 2012. “Engaged Learning is so broad that you’ll be surprised by what projects might be deemed applicable,” Malhi says. “Pursue your interests, and, most likely, the program will be able to help you.”

The stories of Meera, Lindsay, Michael, Matt, Colby and Jaywin are early examples of the enthusiasm that SMU administrators hope will grow in years to come.

“Engaged learning is not a gimmick but an important concept that requires nurturing and focus,” Ludden says. “After students learn to observe and listen to the needs of the world, they come up with strategies for making improvements. And if thousands of students from each class experience the power of engagement, SMU is convinced that each student can leave a positive mark on society.”