May 14, 2008

Lauren Graham




Barbara Elias-Perciful

Forging hopeful ideas into tangible results takes optimistic determination and selfless generosity, as demonstrated by the alumni highlighted in SMU Magazine.

For Barbara Elias-Perciful (’84), being appointed as a pro bono attorney opened her eyes to the vulnerability of children in the legal system and led to the formation of a statewide advocacy group that is now a national model. For Robert Edsel (’79), an idea while crossing a medieval bridge in Florence, Italy, led to a book and documentary honoring the men and women of World War II for their rescue efforts of Europe’s fine art treasures. For two intensive days, TV and film star Lauren Graham (’92) shared her expertise and insights with SMU theatre students.

And the young alumni featured in “Ones To Watch” – the Rev. Michael Williams Waters (’02, ’06) and his wife, Dedman Law student Yulise Reaves Waters (’02) – convert a passion for social justice into guiding SMU students on civil rights pilgrimages and working tirelessly through their church to empower an impoverished Dallas community.