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When Neiman Marcus wanted original music composed for the 100th anniversary celebration of the flagship store in downtown Dallas, it turned to a local talent source: Meadows School of the Arts. The opportunity was given to junior Timothy Roy, a President’s Scholar majoring in music composition. Roy wrote three pieces – one for the main floor and outside window area, one for the Wish Tree (incorporating nature sounds), and one for the elevators (jazz style, incorporating the sounds of people talking). "I was inspired by the company’s beautiful and futuristic visual concept, which includes sparkling crystal prisms, glass chandeliers, countless mirrors and radiant lighting," he says. "I wanted to make the music sparkly, reflective, uplifting – no heavy backbeats or the kind of loud, pounding music you hear at designers’ runway shows." The music was played at the downtown store through November 3. Listen to Timothy Roy’s compositions at


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    Marnie Beisner December 27, 2009

    There is obviously a lot to know about this, which I did not know. I think you made some good points and I have bookmarked this page.

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    chandana March 30, 2009

    It is very positive to see people putting trust in young local talent instead of always rushing to the experts.
    He says inspired by “crystal prisms, glass chandeliers, countless mirrors and radiant lighting”- that is awesome as I also have some interest in glass chandeliers.

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