Mac usage surges amongst University of Virginia freshmen since 2004

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is reporting that over 40 percent of University of Virginia’s freshmen were using a Mac in 2009.


According to the University of Virginia’s Information Technology and Communication (ITC), which services the IT needs for most of the campus, 43 percent of first-year students at its residence halls during 2009 were using a Mac.

The figure represents a continuation of a five-year trend that’s seeing increased Mac penetration on the campus amongst first year students. Prior to 2004, Mac usage amongst freshmen hovered between three and four percent (with the exception of 1997). 2004, however, served as a watershed year: share increased by four percentage points.

Read the TUAW posting here.
The data is based on a census of first-year residence halls each fall conducted by the CAs, and can be found here.

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