SMU Flu Update

Cases of the flu continue to be reported in North Texas, including SMU. Vaccines for seasonal flu are now available on campus, as well as from local pharmacies and physicians. SMU remains in close contact with local, state, national and international health authorities.

Seasonal Flu Shots Now Available on Campus

Seasonal flu vaccine is available on campus. This vaccine is recommended by the SMU Health Center and other health agencies. Vaccine for H1N1 will be available later this year. See the clinic schedule and related information.

Seeking Medical Care

SMU’s Memorial Health Center provides diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury to students. Faculty and staff are urged to contact their healthcare providers. After hours and on weekends, students are urged to go to the nearby PrimaCare or QuestCare, or to their private physican. More information.

SMU Addresses Flu Concerns

Students, faculty or staff who miss class or work because of the flu should notify their professors or supervisors by e-mail or phone and complete the Flu Absence Reporting Form. More information is available online.


Not sure if you have the flu, a cold or allergies review descriptions of the symptoms.

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