Fire and Life Safety Management

As part of the recent reorganization of the Office of Facilities Planning and Management (“Facilities”), the management of the SMU Fire and Life Safety Program has changed. Facilities and the Office of Risk Management (“Risk Management”) are now working even more closely to keep the campus safe.

Campus fire protection systems are now managed by Facilities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding fire sprinklers, fire alarms panels, fire extinguishers, etc., please contact Facilities Services at 214-768-7000.

Other Fire and Life Safety duties, including evacuation drills, building inspections, hot work permits, and fire extinguisher training, will continue to be managed by Risk Management. You can reach Risk Management on our general line at 214-768-2083.

As always, in an emergency please call dispatch (214-768-3333).

If you’re unsure of whom to contact, feel free to give Risk Management a call at 214-768-2083, send us an email at, or visit us in Dawson Service Center and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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NEW: Fire Extinguisher Training

The Office of Risk Management is excited to announce a new training available to all students and employees: Fire Extinguisher Training!  In this in-person course, you’ll learn about types of portable fire extinguishers and when and how to use them.  You’ll also get to fight some digital fires using our new BullsEye laser-driven fire extinguisher training system.  Compete to see who can put out the fire the fastest!

You can find the upcoming training dates and registration form here.

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Europe Travel Alert

The U.S. Department of State issued a Europe Travel Alert on May 1, 2017 to alert U.S. Citizens to the continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout Europe.  This alert expires on September 1, 2017.

We would like to encourage SMU international travelers to read and be aware of the contents of the alert.  Resources are available to you through the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your destination city as well as International SOS to gain additional security messages about the country or countries you are in or traveling to.  Also, the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to enroll your trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

If you have any questions or concerns related to international travel, please contact the Office of Risk Management at or the SMU Assistant Chief of Police Jim Walters at  You are also welcome to utilize the resources available through International SOS.  If you have any questions on International SOS, please contact the Office of Risk Management.

As a reminder, SMU faculty, staff, and graduate students traveling abroad should have registered travel in the international travel database.  If you are an undergraduate student, then your travel should be registered at SMU Abroad.  Please be sure that your travel is registered in one of these two places.

Your safety is important to us.  Please remain alert as you travel abroad this summer.

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SMU Awareness Walk

The Student Senate recently hosted the second annual Awareness Walk, in partnership with the Office of Risk Management, the Office of Facilities Planning and Management, and the Women and LGBT Center. The purpose of this walk was for students and staff to observe unsafe campus conditions and report them for further review, prioritization, and mitigation by Risk Management and Facilities.

In order to gather observations, the main campus was split into eight sections. Each section was assigned to a Group Leader, who served as the scribe for their group and recorded the location and details of various observations by group members. Examples of observations include potential trip hazards from uneven sidewalks, overhanging foliage, and poorly marked crosswalks.

The Office of Risk Management would like to extend our thanks for the combined efforts of all students, staff, and faculty who attended the walk.  We hope to use these observations to make our campus a safer place to work and learn.

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Laboratory Door Sign Program

You may have noticed a new sign outside the door to your laboratory or classroom.  Good eye!

These are the newly-launched EHS Laboratory Door Signs.  The signs inform students, employees, visitors, and emergency responders of the hazards in the room, required personal protective equipment, and whom to contact in case of an emergency.  You can find more details about the information presented on the signs here.  If you would like to change any of the information on your door sign, please contact Heather Powell.

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Engaged Driving ONLINE Training is now available!

The popular Engaged Driving training is now available in an online version through the new Office of Risk Management learning management system SafetySkills!

This training course is required for all employees and students who operate vehicles owned, leased, or loaned to the University which are covered by University insurance.  This includes vehicles rented during travel for University business.

The online training will consist of six modules, which address road rage, speeding, distracted driving, and more.  Trainees will also need to submit a completed Motor Vehicle Record request form.

Sign up for the online training here!  Once you submit the registration form, you will be assigned the online course and sent the MVR form.

Of course, in-person training sessions are still available once a month in the Office of Risk Management; sign up at the link above.  You can find more information about the Fleet Safety Program here.

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It’s a Pleasure to Meet You!

The Office of Risk Management strives to protect the life safety, reputation, financial resources, operations, and property of SMU.  We are all risk managers. Our training and programs strive to empower you, the university community, with greater awareness to help to minimize risk to the university. We do this through training, risk assessments and surveys, and providing best practices for safe activities.  You may not have heard of us, but we are working hard behind the scenes of every aspect of the campus community.  If you have any questions or concerns, please ask!  Our responsibilities encompass four main areas:

We are excited to let you know what we’re working on and foster safety on and off campus.  If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website, e-mail us, or call us at 214-768-2083.

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