One of Many Favorite SMU Memories

During the early 1960s comedian Bob Hope made several visits to the SMU campus. On one occasion he arrived by helicopter after a recent snow storm. Admiring students took advantage of the melting snow to welcome Bob with a fusillade of snow balls as his helicopter landed. The students could not have realized how dangerous this was to problematic helicopter landing procedures and pilot visibility. The helicopter was able to land safely and Bob, no stranger to entertaining the “troops,” greeted the crowd with the line: “I thought I was in a Gardol commercial.” Hope was referring to the classic 1950s TV commercial that illustrated a cavity prevention feature of the Gardol ingredient in Colgate toothpaste which supposedly formed an invisible protective shield over teeth, just as the clear Plexiglas helicopter canopy bubble protected Hope from snowballs. [Except for one thrown by Kent McCully after Hope exited the aircraft]

Bob Hope

Bob Hope arrives on SMU campus wearing a red freshman beanie

Mike Kimball

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