Memories of Judy Franklin Jordan ’62 and Steve Jordan ’62

The right Choice…
Judy Franklin was elected Manada Queen but she found herself without a “suitable” date for the Ball. She asked me to be her escort and the rest is history.

Embarrassing Moments…
Teammate Jim Hammond and I were invited to Accounting Profssor, Dan Davis’s house for a burger to celebrate the completion of our final basketball season. After a few beers we began telling war stories. Jim volunteered that in High School I jumped cars to earn extra money. Little did we know Dan’s connections with CBS. It wasn’t long before I received an invitation to be on Gary Moore’s “I’ve Got a Secret”.
Arrangements were made with their Dallas affiliate, Channel 4 to witness my stunt on the parking lot at Ownby Stasium in front of cameras and countless incredulous friends.
After successfully clearing 3 smaller cars, I was confronted with my final challenge to leap a full size Chevy Bel Air. While tumbling on the asphalt had taken it’s toll on my hands, I was more concerened with the added width of the car so I moved my takeoff mark closer to sufficiently clear the other side. Much to my chagrin, running full speed, my thigh crashed into the car failing to clear the roof top. I rolled down over the windshield and hood in excruciating pain but greater disappointment.

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