Memories from D’Ann Dublin Riemer

My best and lifelong friends were made on the Hilltop, not in elementary school or high school or as a professional, but during our freshman year in the fall of 1958.  A walk down memory lane finds me in Snider Hall.   Voices come from my suitemates’ room, shared by Jackie and Becky.  Laughter echoes down through the years and a few tears.  Registering for classes that first semester was terrifying!  How many times did I change majors?  Rush.  What an experience; pledging Pi Phi, what a joy!  Time flies.  There were some memorable and some not so memorable football games at the Cotton Bowl, but we dressed to the ‘nines’.  We danced our way through all four years.  Ah, ‘the push’.  I had a really great dance partner, 6’1 or more to my 5’1, and dance we did.  Loved the music of The Kingston Trio and The Everly Brothers.  The height of entertainment was Bob Hope on the Hilltop.  What an ambassador for the school he became.  And there was other entertainment at Gordo’s with great pizza and my first beer!  Sorority row and living in ‘the house’.  Dating ATO’s.   Manada.  Homecoming.   And wrapped around all that fun was a great education, delivered by professors we would call ‘intellectuals’ today but were called radical then.  The early 60s were tumultuous.  Sit ins occurred right across the street at the drugstore we frequented.  Change was in the air.  That gave us all pause to think, about beliefs, about our future.  And all too soon, the future was now and graduation drew to a close the SMU chapter of our lives.

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