Memories from Bob Mebus ’62

I fondly remember cheeseburgers at Gordo’s trying to decide whether to attend a Sunday evening double-feature at the Majestic. No one knew why Gordo’s couldn’t open on Election Day until after the polls closed since none of us could legally buy a beer anyway! Speaking of…who can forget TGIF parties upstairs at Chantley’s on Lemmon? After a couple of cups of “purple passion,” who can remember those afternoons? Evenings spent racing from the Moody Coliseum parking lot to get our dates back before dorm closing, then to the Toddle House where Blanton served a cup of coffee and a slice of black-bottom pie.

Speaking of Moody, the Kingston Trio at the height of their “Tom Dooley” fame played to a standing-room only crowd. Bob Hope appeared on SMU’s campus almost every year as well. Professors Boller, Mouzon and Tinkle, in their respective fields, influenced a generation of admiring scholars. Engineering students were identified by the K & E slide rules dangling from their belts. Term papers for Dr. Nance were cranked out on my trusty Smith-Corona portable. Comparitive literature had been invented but Wikipedia, alas, had not.

My recollection is that SMU was considered a “dressy” school, at least by Southwest Conference standards. The “Ivy” look was popular among the guys, and students dressed up for football games at the Cotton Bowl. We even attended the games. Manada, Pigskin Revue during Homecoming and spring Sing Song are all distant memories of a happy time in my life.

What’s your favorite memory? We’d love to hear from you.

Bob Mebus ’62

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