SMU Memories from Shari Smith Wooldridge ’60

OK, a little walk down Memory Lane? First experiences: guys hanging around theSharon Smith '60 freshman dorm looking over the new crop of girls, going through rush in high heels and gloves in August and, of course, bobby sox and sweater sets.

Classes were amazing. “Western Civ” with the world’s largest textbook and what —200 in the class? I was that wide-eyed girl from Guthrie, Oklahoma — in total culture shock! I was 200 miles away from home, and I might as well have been on the other side of the world. We studied, threw ourselves into campus activities, played bridge on the floor and hopscotch on the front walk of the Theta house.

SMU provided the bridge that allowed us some room to grow and a chance to begin to figure out who we were. By May of 1960, most of us thought we were grown up and knew what our futures would look like. Were we in for many surprises! Maybe the biggest surprise is that 50 years have come and gone much more quickly than we could ever have imagined.My first real awareness of the larger world was the Suez Canal crisis. We were listening to the news and imagining that our guys would all be drafted and be gone to war like our fathers and uncles in WWII. I am constantly amazed at how little we knew and how innocent we all were in the late 50s.

Shari Smith Wooldridge ‘60


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  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    Is this Sharon, our Theta chapter advisor while I was there from 1978-82? If so, you are stunning in your picture! Those days at SMU and in the Theta house were some of the best of my whole life. Thanks for posting your memories. They are divine.


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