SMU memories from Margaret Rose Trigger Miller-Butler


So many memories! So little space!

* Pinning ceremonies on the front porch
* Walking “all covered up” to the post office
* Shoney’s, Orange Julius and Goff’s
* Rush, Phi Beta Phi membership and “house boys,” Lyle and Skipper
* Working with Dean Fitzwater to have the first telephones in the students’ rooms
* My roommate Alice Heldenfels Sallee, a year as pledge trainer
* Working with Mike Engleman, editor of the campus newspaper
* Student Senate with Doug McLean and Wendell Shakleford
* Student Center with Fred Bryson
* The Fine Arts Committee
* A.W.S. Presidency

~Margaret Rose Butler ’61


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2 Responses to SMU memories from Margaret Rose Trigger Miller-Butler

  1. Steve Jordan says:

    Memories of Judy Franklin Jordan ’62 and Steve Jordan ’62

    The right Choice…
    Judy Franklin was elected Manada Queen but she found herself without a “suitable” date for the Ball. She asked me to be her escort and the rest is history.

    Embarrassing Moments…
    Teammate Jim Hammond and I were invited to Accounting Profssor, Dan Davis’s house for a burger to celebrate the completion of our final basketball season. After a few beers we began telling war stories. Jim volunteered that in Hi School I jumped cars to earn extra money. Little did we know Dan’s connections with CBS. It wasn’t long before I received an invitation to be on Gary Moore’s “I’ve Got a Secret”.
    Arrangements were made with their Dallas affiliate, Channel 4 to witness my stunt on the parking lot at Ownby Stasium in front of cameras and countless incredulous friends.
    After successfully clearing 3 smaller cars, I was confronted with my final challenge to leap a full size Chevy Bel Air. While tumbling on the asphalt had taken it’s toll on my hands, I was more concerened with the added width of the car so I moved my takeoff mark closer to sufficiently clear the other side. Much to my chagrin, running full speed, my thigh crashed into the car failing to clear the roof top. I rolled down over the windshield and hood in excruciating pain but greater disappointment.
    END of STORY…

  2. Hi Trigger,
    You were my counselor in 3rd Term Wrangler Chiefs 1963. I was the “new girl” and I thought you were amazing!
    I attended my first ever Camp Longhorn CLASP last August and because I had so much fun, I sent a proposal to Helen Frady when I returned home. The proposal is that we create a 50th (yep, it’s true) , 3rd term 1963 Wrangler Chiefs Reunion this August 2013. She and Bill Robertson LOVED the idea and now I’m reaching out to find our 1963 3rd Term Wrangler Chief (WC) campers and counselors. Camp staff could only offer up these three gals current contact info:
    – you
    – Adele Perry Hart
    -Petie Miller

    I don’t know how to attach a photo in this post but when I have your personal email address I can send you our group camp photo.

    I hope that you’ll email me back at my address so that we can connect. As soon as I can first find WC gals I’ll then “friend” them on Facebook. I’m setting up a “1963 3rd Term Wrangler Chiefs Camp Longhorn” GROUP on Facebook. Hopefully you’ve kept in touch with some of us WC campers and you can help me find us all. Patty

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