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Study: Antibiotics, instead of emergency surgery, may better treat cases of nonperforating appendicitis

Emergency-sign-400x300.jpgAntibiotics rather than surgery may better treat cases of appendicitis when the appendix hasn’t burst, says a new study from SMU and UT Southwestern Medical School.

The study’s authors say the findings suggest that nonperforating appendicitis may be unrelated to perforating appendicitis, in which the appendix has burst.

Instead, the study found that nonperforating childhood appendicitis, which historically has been treated with emergency surgery, seems to be a disease similar to nonperforating adult diverticulitis, which is often treated with antibiotics.
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Appendicitis linked to flu-like virus outbreaks

flu%20virus%2Clorez.jpgThe research of SMU faculty Thomas B. Fomby and Wayne A. Woodward has been published in the January issue of the journal Archives of Surgery. Fomby is a professor and chairman of the Department of Economics and Woodward is a professor in the Department of Statistical Science.

The research described in the article “Association of Viral Infection and Appendicitis” looks at the relationship between appendicitis and seasonal viral infections. The scientists reviewed 36 years of hospital discharge data and concluded there is a relationship to a flu-like virus.
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