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UPI: Panic attacks may be predictable

Electrodes%202%20684.jpgThe wire service UPI has covered the research of SMU psychologist Dr. Alicia Meuret showing panic attacks that seem to strike out-of-the-blue are not without warning after all.

Meuret’s study found significant physiological instability one hour before patients reported feeling a panic attack. The findings suggest potentially new treatments for panic, and re-examination of other “unexpected” medical problems, including seizures, strokes and manic episodes, says Meuret, an assistant professor in the SMU Department of Psychology. She was lead researcher on the study. Dr. David Rosenfield, an associate professor in SMU’s Department of Psychology, was lead statistician.

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Out-of-the-blue panic attacks aren’t without warning; data show subtle changes before patients’ aware of attack

Panic attacks that seem to strike out-of-the-blue are not without warning after all, says psychologist Alicia Meuret, Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

A new study found significant physiological instability for at least one hour before patients reported feeling a panic attack, Meuret says, suggesting new treatments for panic, seizures, strokes and manic episodes.
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2010 a year of advances for SMU scientific researchers at the vanguard of those helping civilization

ATLAS%20150x120.jpgSMU scientists are at the forefront of cutting-edge research aimed at addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges, questions and issues.

See a sampling of the work they tackle, from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, to immigration, diabetes, evolution, childhood obesity and more. Besides working in campus labs and within the Dallas-area community, SMU scientists conduct research throughout the world. Continue reading

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Breathing technique can reduce frequency, severity of asthma attacks

Mueret10%2C-9-09%2Clr.jpgAs the health care reform debate turns to cutting costs and improving treatment outcomes, two SMU professors are expanding a study that shows promise for reducing both the expense and suffering associated with chronic asthma.

Thomas Ritz and Alicia Meuret, both of SMU’s Psychology Department, have developed a four-week program to teach asthmatics how to better control their condition by changing the way they breathe.
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