Chemical exposure now linked to Gulf War syndrome

Robert Haley

Chemical exposure now linked to Gulf War syndrome

The following story published March 20, 2009 on A new study by researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center and Southern Methodist University is the first to pinpoint damage inside the brains of veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome. The finding links the illness to chemical exposures and may lead to diagnostic tests and treatments.

Deep brain mapping could pinpoint Gulf War Syndrome

gunst.jpgResearchers at Southern Methodist University are pioneering the use of spatial statistical modeling to analyze brain scan data from Persian Gulf War veterans. The goal is to pinpoint specific areas of the brain affected by Gulf War Syndrome. Richard Gunst, Wayne Woodward and William Schucany, professors in SMU's Department of Statistical Science in Dedman College, are collaborating with imaging specialists at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas to compare brain scans of veterans suffering from the syndrome with those of a healthy control group.

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