Brian D. Zoltowski

Circadian clock research may enable flexible designer plants; treat cancer and diabetes

How does a plant know when to sprout a leaf, fold its petals or bloom? Why do humans experience jet lag after a trip abroad?

The answer is the internal circadian clocks that are present in every organism and that respond to external cues such as light and temperature, says SMU chemist Brian D. Zoltowski. Zoltowski’s lab studies one of the many proteins involved in an organism’s circadian clocks. Continue reading

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CBS DFW: Is Aerial Spraying Safe?

CBS Channel 11 reporter Ginger Allen interviewed SMU chemist Brian Zoltowski for the station’s Aug. 15 report on aerial spraying over Dallas County to kill mosquitos that may be carrying West Nile Virus.

The report comes in the wake of a decision by Dallas County to address the spread of West Nile Virus with aerial spraying of a pesticide called Duet. Continue reading

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