Ann Marie Gan

The New York Times: Study Finds a Gender Gap at the Top Museums

New York Times, gender gap, art museumsReporter Hilarie M. Sheets with The New York Times has covered the research of Ann Marie Gan, an SMU student in the MA/MBA in Arts Management in the Cox School of Business and Meadows School of the Arts.

Gan authored the study with Zannie Giraud Voss, director of the National Center for Arts Research, NCAR, at Southern Methodist University, and Christine Anagnos, executive director of the Association of Art Museum Directors, AAMD. Continue reading

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Women have made strides for equality in society, but gender gap still exists in art museum directorships

SMU, Cox, Gender Gap, MuseumsThe Association of Art Museum Directors and the National Center for Arts Research at Southern Methodist University have released findings from a research study designed to understand the gender gap in art museum directorships and to explore potential factors to help the association’s member institutions advance toward greater gender equality. Continue reading

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