Low IQ students learn to read at 1st-grade level after persistent, intensive instruction


Low IQ students learn to read at 1st-grade level after persistent, intensive instruction

Allor, SMU, reading, Low IQ, intellectual disabilitiesThe findings of a pioneering four-year educational study offer hope for thousands of children identified with intellectual disability or low IQ who have very little, if any, reading ability. The study by researchers at Southern Methodist University is the first large-scale longitudinal study of its kind to demonstrate the reading potential of students with intellectual disability or low IQ. It was funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Richest marine reptile fossil bed along Africa’s South Atlantic coast is dated at 71.5 mya

Angola, SMU, Strganac, Projecto PaleoAngolaPaleontologists at Southern Methodist University have measured the carbon isotopes in marine fossils from Bentiaba, Angola to precisely date for the first time 30 million years of sediments along Africa’s South Atlantic shoreline. They dated the richest marine reptile fossil bed along Africa's South Atlantic to 71.5 million years ago.

NOvA experiment glimpses neutrinos, one of nature’s most abundant, and elusive particles

NOvA, SMU, Tom Coan, neutrinos 400x300Scientists hunting one of nature’s most elusive, yet abundant, elementary particles announced today they’ve succeeded in their first efforts to glimpse neutrinos using a detector in Minnesota. Neutrinos are generated in nature through the decay of radioactive elements and from high-energy collisions between fundamental particles, such as in the Big Bang that ignited the universe.

USA Today: Bitcoin tumbles after China crackdown

Bitcoin Tyler Moore SMU USA TodayJournalists Alistair Barr and Kim Hjelmgaard with USA Today tapped the expertise of SMU Bitcoin and cybersecurity expert Tyler W. Moore, an assistant professor of computer science in the Lyle School of Engineering. Moore's expertise draws in part on his research that found that online money exchanges that trade hard currency for the rapidly emerging cyber money known as Bitcoin have a 45 percent chance of failing — often taking their customers’ money with them.

Chemical probe confirms that body makes its own rotten egg gas, H2S, to benefit health

A new study confirms directly what scientists previously knew only indirectly: The poisonous “rotten egg” gas hydrogen sulfide, which plays a role in cardiovascular health, is generated by our body's growing cells.

Study finds that newlyweds who are satisfied with marriage are more likely to gain weight

Andrea Meltzer, newlyweds, weight gain, SMUOn average, young newlyweds who are satisfied with their marriage gain weight in the early years after they exchange vows. That's the finding of a new study on marital satisfaction and weight gain, according to psychologist Andrea L. Meltzer, lead researcher and assistant professor in the SMU Department of Psychology.

Fruit flies fed organic diets are healthier than flies fed nonorganic diets, study finds

Fruit flies fed an organic diet recorded better health outcomes than flies fed a nonorganic diet, according to a new study from Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Researchers in the lab of SMU biologist Johannes Bauer found that fruit flies raised on organic foods performed better on a variety of health tests. The flies on organic diets showed improvements on the most significant measures of health, namely fertility and longevity.

White dwarf supernovae are discovered in Virgo Cluster galaxy and in sky area “anonymous”

Light from two massive stars that exploded hundreds of millions of years ago recently reached Earth, and each event was identified as a supernova by SMU researchers. A supernova discovered Feb. 6 exploded about 450 million years ago, and a second supernova discovered Nov. 20 exploded about 230 million years ago.

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