Jamaica Observer: Parents targeted under pilot project to improve math scores

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Jamaica Observer: Parents targeted under pilot project to improve math scores

Jamaica research math sum Ketterlin Geller SimmonsThe Jamaica Observer covered the research of SMU's Leanne Ketterlin Geller, associate professor in the Department of Education Policy and Leadership in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education & Human Development, and her team from Research in Mathematics Education. Ketterlin Geller is director of Research in Mathematics Education and director of K-12 STEM Initiatives, Caruth Institute for Engineering Education.

WFAA: Can Technology Help Kids Learn to Read

SMU's Dara Rossi was interviewed by the summer reading program Shelly's Summer Bookworms for Dallas TV station WFAA. Rossi is a clinical assistant professor and director of SMU's Teach for American Teacher Education Program in the Simmons School of Education and Human Development. She was asked how using technology can help young students learn to read. Rossi is an experienced educator with a strong science background, including K-12 curriculum development and administration.

Mustang Minute! Simmons researcher tests if video game motion capture can teach math

Motion capture software, popular in the world of video gaming, is being tested to see if it may be a useful tool in the classroom. Researchers know that the more engaged students are, the more likely they are to learn. In her research, SMU teaching expert Candace Walkington, assistant professor of teaching and learning in [...]

$3.78 million awarded by Department of Defense to SMU STEM project for minority students

SMU STEMPREP, Charles KnibbThe U.S. Department of Defense recently awarded the STEMPREP Project at SMU a $3.78 million grant to support its goal of increasing the number of minorities in STEM fields. To create more diversity in STEM fields, STEMPREP, based at the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development, recruits bright, science-minded middle school students.

SMU conference promotes technology, economics of geothermal production in oil and gas fields

Southern Methodist University’s renowned SMU Geothermal Laboratory will host its seventh international energy conference and workshop on the SMU campus May 19-20. The conference is designed to promote transition of oil and gas fields to electricity-producing geothermal systems by harnessing waste heat and fluids from both active and abandoned fields.

SMU’s engineering students to test new virtual reality game to practice solving hands-on infrastructure failure problems

SMU, Lyle, Engineering, Geo Explorer, Usama El ShamySMU’s engineering students will help test a new virtual reality game that will someday be rolled out to classrooms everywhere to help students design, inspect and test geotechnical systems virtually. SMU will receive $80,000 in funding as part of a larger $650,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, which was awarded to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y., to develop the game, Geo Explorer.

NBC, CBS & CW33: Jurassic Jackpot — 5-Year-Old Finds Dinosaur in Mansfield

The fossil bones of a 100 million-year-old dinosaur discovered at a shopping center construction site will be studied and identified by paleontologists at Southern Methodist University's Shuler Museum of Paleontology. The bones were discovered by a Dallas Zoo employee and his young son. The fossils have been transported to SMU's Shuler research museum in the Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences. The discovery of the bones, believed to be from the family of armored dinosaurs called nodasuaridae, was covered by local TV stations NBC Channel 5, CBS Channel 11 and Channel CW 33.

Public News Service: Hug it out — experts warn against physically punishing children

Holden, psychology, SMU, spanking, parenting, corporal punishment, discipline Public News Service quoted SMU Psychology Professor George W. Holden, psychology, as an expert source in the article "Hug it Out: Experts Warn Against Physically Punishing Children" about a new study from Duke University that warns against resorting to physical punishment. Holden is a leading expert on parenting, discipline and family violence. He strongly advocates against corporal punishment and cites overwhelming research, including his own, that has demonstrated that spanking is not only ineffective, but also harmful to children, and many times leads to child abuse.

DMN: SMU professors aim to prevent sexual assault with bystander program

SMU, Simpson Rowe, sexual assault, videoThe Dallas Morning News covered the work of SMU psychologists Lorelei Simpson Rowe, Ernest N. Jouriles and Renee McDonald. The three developed a video-based program for teaching young women sexual assertiveness training with the goal of helping them resist unwanted sexual overtures. Jouriles and McDonald devised a bystander intervention program that teaches young adults how to recognize and intervene in a dangerous situation.

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