Dallas Innovates: SMU Study Finds Simpler Way to Explain Physics of Running

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Dallas Innovates: SMU Study Finds Simpler Way to Explain Physics of Running

Dallas Innovates covered the research of Peter Weyand and colleagues in the SMU Locomotor Laboratory, who developed a concise approach to understanding the mechanics of human running.

Daily Mail: Researchers reveal the mechanics of running is simpler than thought – and it could revolutionise shoe design

London's Daily Mail newspaper covered the research of Peter Weyand and the SMU Locomotor Laboratory. Weyand, who is Glenn Simmons Professor of Applied Physiology and professor of biomechanics in the Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness in SMU’s Simmons School, is director of the Locomotor Lab.

New study connects running motion to ground force, provides patterns for any runner

New study connects running motion to ground force, provides patterns for any runner. Concise scientific approach accurately predicts runner’s patterns of foot ground-force application — at all speeds and regardless of foot-strike mechanics.

APS Physics: Viewpoint — Dark Matter Still at Large

SMU physicist Jodi Cooley, an associate professor in the Department of Physics, writes in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters about hunt by physicists worldwide for dark matter — the most elusive and abundant matter in our Universe.

KERA News: The Biomechanical Breakdown Of Back Flips On Pogo Sticks

KERA news reporter Courtney Collins tapped the expertise of SMU biomechanics expert Peter Weyand for a news story about the extreme pogo stick performers that have captivated fair goers this year at the Texas State Fair. Weyand explained the biomechanics of the high-flying backflips and stunts of the pogo stick gymnasts. The article "The Biomechanical [...]

Scientific American: The Secret to Human Speed — “To sprint like a pro, think like a piston.”

Peter Weyand, human speed, Scientific American, SMU, elite sprinters, speed, biomechanicsThe work of SMU biomechanics researcher Peter G. Weyand is featured in the August 2016 issue of the science news magazine Scientific American. Science writer and associate editor Dina Fine Maron reports on Weyand's leading-edge research about the key to human speed for sprinters in the article "The Secret to Human Speed" and the video report "How Elite Sprinters Run So Fast."

The Dallas Morning News: Scientists offer explanation on how oil and gas activity triggers North Texas earthquakes

earthquake, causes, SMU, oil, fracking, seismologyIn an article contributed to The Dallas Morning News, science journalist Anna Kuchment covered the research of SMU seismologists on a possible explanation for the spate of earthquakes in North Texas in recent years. The study, Ellenburger wastewater injection and seismicity in North Texas, posted online July 17 in the peer-reviewed journal Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors. It is the first scientific work to offer an explanation for the Dallas and Irving quakes, Kuchment notes in her article, "Scientists offer possible explanation for how oil and gas activity may have triggered Dallas earthquakes."

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