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LiveScience: Extinct Hippo-like Creature Was Prehistoric Vacuum Cleaner

Desmo, Ray Troll, Louis Jacobs, SMU, AlaskaScience writer Laura Geggel with Live Science covered the research of SMU paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs, a professor in the Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, and paleontologist Anthony Fiorillo, vice president of research and collections and chief curator at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, and an adjunct research professor at SMU. Continue reading

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Jamaica Observer: Parents targeted under pilot project to improve math scores

Jamaica research math sum Ketterlin Geller SimmonsThe Jamaica Observer covered the research of SMU’s Leanne Ketterlin Geller, associate professor in the Department of Education Policy and Leadership in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education & Human Development, and her team from Research in Mathematics Education. Ketterlin Geller is director of Research in Mathematics Education and director of K-12 STEM Initiatives, Caruth Institute for Engineering Education. Continue reading

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New fossils intensify mystery of short-lived, toothy mammals unique to ancient North Pacific

Desmo, Ray Troll, Louis Jacobs, SMU, AlaskaIdentification of a new species of marine mammal has intensified the rare animal’s brief mysterious journey through prehistoric time.

A big, hippo-sized animal with a long snout and tusks — the new species is a marine mammal belonging to the order Desmostylia. But unlike other marine mammals alive today — such as whales, seals and sea cows — desmostylians went totally extinct. Continue reading

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Top Quark: Precise particle measurement improves subatomic tool probing mysteries of universe

Top Quark, physics, Higgs boson, FermilabPhysicists at Southern Methodist University have a new precise measurement of a key subatomic particle, opening the door to better understanding of our universe.

The researchers calculated the new measurement for a critical characteristic — mass — of the Top Quark. The new value adds growing uncertainty to physics’ Standard Model. Continue reading

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HuffPo: Cheating in Sports — Where Do We Go From Here?

2015-09-13-1442168688-1501438-HuffPoFairnessFinalpic-thumbSMU physiologist and biomechanics researcher Peter G. Weyand contributed a piece on cheating in sports to the U.S. online news magazine and blog the Huffington Post.

The piece addresses how modern cheating controversies in sports indicate the need for a new approach to judge fairness that encompasses a broader range of possibilities. Continue reading

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WFAA: Can Technology Help Kids Learn to Read

SMU’s Dara Rossi was interviewed by the summer reading program Shelly’s Summer Bookworms for Dallas TV station WFAA.

Rossi is a clinical assistant professor and director of SMU’s Teach for American Teacher Education Program in the Simmons School of Education and Human Development. She was asked how using technology can help young students learn to read.

Rossi is an experienced educator with a strong science background, including K-12 curriculum development and administration. Continue reading

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SMU Tower Center, Latino Center for Leadership Development create new strategic policy institute

mexican patternSMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies has formed a strategic academic partnership with the Latino Center for Leadership Development, Latino CLD.

The new Latino CLD-SMU Tower Center Policy Institute will identify and implement policy-focused solutions to the Latino community’s most pressing concerns, from educational and economic opportunities, to voting rights and immigration reform, to the under-representation of Latinos in elected and appointed roles at the federal, state and local levels, as well as corporate boards. Continue reading

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Drugs behave as predicted in computer model of key protein, enabling cancer drug discovery

Wise, P-gp, P-glycoprotein, SMUDrugs important in the battle against cancer responded the way they do in real life and behaved according to predictions when tested in a computer-generated model of one of the cell’s key molecular pumps — the protein P-glycoprotein, or P-gp.

Biologists at SMU developed the computer generated model to overcome the problem of relying on only static images for P-gp’s structure, said biologist John G. Wise, lead researcher. Continue reading

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Researchers discover new drug-like compounds that may improve odds for men battling prostate cancer

P-gp, P-glycoprotein, prostate, cancer, SMU, VogelResearchers at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, have discovered three new drug-like compounds that could ultimately offer better odds of survival to prostate cancer patients.

The drug-like compounds can be modified and developed into medicines that target a protein in the human body that is responsible for chemotherapy resistance in cancers, said biochemist Pia D. Vogel. Continue reading

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