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Moving 3D computer model of key human protein is powerful new tool in fight against cancer

A picture is worth 1,000 words when it comes to understanding how things work, but 3D moving pictures are even better. That’s true for scientists trying to stop cancer by better understanding the proteins that make some chemotherapies unsuccessful. Now SMU biochemist John G. Wise at SMU has brought to life in a moving 3D computer model the structure of a key protein related to recurring cancers. Continue reading

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Modeling the human protein in search of cancer treatment: An SMU Researcher Q&A

SMU biologists Pia Vogel and John Wise in the SMU Department of Biological Sciences are using the computational power of the SMU high-performance supercomputer to screen millions of drug compounds.

They hope to find a compound that can be developed into a drug that re-enables chemotherapy after it fails to work against recurring cancer. Continue reading

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