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California 6th grade science books: Climate change a matter of opinion not scientific fact

If American teens are unsure about climate change, some school textbooks aren’t helping, says an SMU teaching expert who co-authored a new study on the subject.

While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — 600 climate researchers in 32 countries reporting changes to Earth’s atmosphere, ice and seas — points to “human influence on the climate system,” that’s not what some California students are taught.
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$2 million NIH grant to help team from SMU and U-Maryland develop pediatric asthma monitor

asthma, pediatric, trigger, Meuret, ritz, SMU, NIH, MarylandTwo SMU psychology professors working with University of Maryland engineers have been awarded a National Institutes of Health grant in October that will bring nearly $2 million to their joint project to create a wearable device for pediatric asthma patients that helps them avoid asthma triggers.

The asthma device will monitor air quality (including pollen levels and temperature), carbon dioxide levels in the blood, physical activity, breathing, emotional states and other stimuli to identify each patient’s individual asthma triggers and alert them when conditions are ripe for an attack. Continue reading

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Reading ability soars if young struggling readers get school’s intensive help immediately

struggling readers, wait to fail, intensive intervention, SMU, AlOtaiba, YovanoffReading skills improve very little when schools follow the current standard practice of waiting for struggling readers to fail first before providing them with additional help, say researchers at SMU.

The new study found that a dynamic intervention in which struggling readers received the most intensive help immediately, enabled students to significantly outperform their peers who had to wait for additional help. Continue reading

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Survey finds executive cybersecurity decisions are evolving from compliance to proactive cyber-risk management

cybersecurity, IBM, SMU, chang, A new research study from SMU’s Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security finds that executives are changing the way they manage and invest in cybersecurity, moving away from limited, reactive approaches and adopting systemic risk management frameworks that combine hardware, software and operations protocols to mitigate cyber risk.

The study, Identifying How Firms Manage Cybersecurity Investment (HYPERLINK STUDY TO TITLE), was sponsored by IBM Security and based on a semi-structured survey of 40 executives across financial, retail, healthcare and government sectors. Participants, most of whom were chief information security officers (CISOs), were selected primarily from large firms. Continue reading

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Top Quark: Precise particle measurement improves subatomic tool probing mysteries of universe

Top Quark, physics, Higgs boson, FermilabPhysicists at Southern Methodist University have a new precise measurement of a key subatomic particle, opening the door to better understanding of our universe.

The researchers calculated the new measurement for a critical characteristic — mass — of the Top Quark. The new value adds growing uncertainty to physics’ Standard Model. Continue reading

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HuffPo: Cheating in Sports — Where Do We Go From Here?

2015-09-13-1442168688-1501438-HuffPoFairnessFinalpic-thumbSMU physiologist and biomechanics researcher Peter G. Weyand contributed a piece on cheating in sports to the U.S. online news magazine and blog the Huffington Post.

The piece addresses how modern cheating controversies in sports indicate the need for a new approach to judge fairness that encompasses a broader range of possibilities. Continue reading

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Drugs behave as predicted in computer model of key protein, enabling cancer drug discovery

Wise, P-gp, P-glycoprotein, SMUDrugs important in the battle against cancer responded the way they do in real life and behaved according to predictions when tested in a computer-generated model of one of the cell’s key molecular pumps — the protein P-glycoprotein, or P-gp.

Biologists at SMU developed the computer generated model to overcome the problem of relying on only static images for P-gp’s structure, said biologist John G. Wise, lead researcher. Continue reading

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Researchers discover new drug-like compounds that may improve odds for men battling prostate cancer

P-gp, P-glycoprotein, prostate, cancer, SMU, VogelResearchers at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, have discovered three new drug-like compounds that could ultimately offer better odds of survival to prostate cancer patients.

The drug-like compounds can be modified and developed into medicines that target a protein in the human body that is responsible for chemotherapy resistance in cancers, said biochemist Pia D. Vogel. Continue reading

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Moving 3D computer model of key human protein is powerful new tool in fight against cancer

A picture is worth 1,000 words when it comes to understanding how things work, but 3D moving pictures are even better. That’s true for scientists trying to stop cancer by better understanding the proteins that make some chemotherapies unsuccessful. Now SMU biochemist John G. Wise at SMU has brought to life in a moving 3D computer model the structure of a key protein related to recurring cancers. Continue reading

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