vik.jpgSteven Vik, in the Department of Biological Sciences of Dedman College, has received an SMU 2008 Ford Research Fellowship.

A professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, Vik’s research interests include protein structure and function, and the biochemistry of membrane-bound enzymes. His work focuses on key mechanisms of bioenergetics, the study of how living systems get and use the energy sources required to sustain life.

Vik has made significant contributions to the understanding of the key enzyme in these processes, the ATP synthase.

He was the first to correctly deduce the internal mechanisms of how the movement of charged ions across a biological membrane coupled with the ATP synthase’s rotary mechanism produce adenosine triphosphate, ATP, which is essential for nerve functioning, muscular and molecular movement and other vital cellular processes.

Vik is a member of the editorial board of the “Journal of Biological Chemistry.”

Established in 2002 through a $1 million pledge from Gerald Ford, chair of SMU’s Board of Trustees, the fellowships help the University retain and reward outstanding scholars. Each recipient receives a cash prize for research support during the year.

The new Ford Fellows were honored by the SMU Board of Trustees at its May meeting.

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