Reception for Archive of Shadows by Andrew Douglas Underwood

Please join us this Friday, January 27, at 6:00 p.m. for the reception for our current exhibit in the Hawn Gallery: Archive of Shadows by Andrew Douglas Underwood.

Dallas-based artist Andrew Douglas Underwood presents his second solo exhibition, Archive of Shadows. His research-based artistic practice explores historic vignettes, examines the notion of perfection, and questions the possibility of objectivity. The museum-esque presentation of the work intrinsically implies, “The mementos collected here are of historic significance.” Also, like a museum, the act of collecting naturally integrates with a practice of creating archives of information. Where this collection diverges from the institutional and the quantitative is in the emotional reaction to the vignettes. For those willing to slow down and engage with the work, the reward is an involvement with a romantic moment from history.

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