Finding aid for Aunspaugh Art Club records now online

Aunspaugh Art School, Dallas, Texas [ca. early 1900s] A detailed description of the Vivian L. Aunspaugh Art Club records is now available for viewing on the Texas Archival Resources Online website [TARO]. The Aunspaugh Art Club was organized in 1945 by students of Miss Vivian Aunspaugh and others who were interested in the study of art. Miss Aunspaugh established the Aunspaugh Art School in Dallas in the early 1900s and is credited as the first art school in the Southwest to offer classes in fine and commercial art, including the use of live models. In 1946 the club had their first art exhibition at the Joseph Sartor Galleries and, later in 1956, exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art. The club eventually disbanded in 1986, but left behind an archive that reflects their activities and involvement in the arts through the years.

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