The evolution of Quarter Notes

qn-image-sm.jpgWelcome to a new era of the Hamon Arts Library! For over sixteen years, we have announced Hamon news and events through our print newsletter, Quarter Notes. It is finally time for our newsletter to move into the 21st century in order to catch up with the other progress towards modernity that the library has made.

With this new blog format, we’ll be able to keep patrons up-to-date on our goings-on in a much more timely and flexible way, easily highlighting our ever-increasing online resources and services. Though the name will continue on, our updates will be much more frequent than quarterly and reflect current happenings at the Hamon. We’ll also be saving trees, reducing waste, and—not to be underestimated in this fiscal time—saving money!

The newsletter—and the library—are, as always, a work in progress, so we look forward to your feedback!

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