Dr. Simpson Rowe is Contributing Editor of the Year

Dr. Lorelei Simpson Rowe was selected as Contributing Editor of the Year for the APA journal Psychology of Violence. Dr. Simpson Rowe is an Associate Professor and the Co-Director of Clinical Training. Her expertise is in prevention of dating violence and the relation between low-level intimate partner violence and couple therapy outcomes. Congratulations!

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Dr. Holden will lead Family Compass

Dr. George Holden, Professor of Psychology, was recently chosen to be the president-elect of the Board of Directors of Family Compass. Dr. Holden is a world reknowned authority on parenting, and Family Compass serves the Dallas community by teaching parenting skills to individuals at risk. Several Department of Psychology faculty members currently are conducting projects in collaboration with Family Compass, and this appointment may open the door for future collaborative projects.

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Dr. Meuret selected as Beck Institute Scholar

Dr. Alicia Meuret has been selected as a 2014 Beck Institute Scholar.  The purpose of this program is to offer state-of-the-art training to young scholars who have made significant contributions the field of cognitive therapy, and who are likely to continue to do so.  Congratulations!

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Grant awarded to Dr. Baldwin

Social psychologist Dr. Austin Baldwin, together with Dr. Jasmin Anita Tiro at UTSW, received a multi-year grant from the National Cancer Institute to develop a self-persuasion intervention to promote adolescent HPV vaccination.  Nice work!

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Chair receives Outstanding Faculty Partner Award

Dr. Ernest Jouriles received the inaugural SMU Division of Student Affairs’ Outstanding Faculty Partner Award.  Kudos to Ernie.

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Faculty members’ research featured in APA Monitor

The research of Drs. Thomas Ritz and Alicia Meuret is featured in the November 2013 issue of the American Psychological Association’s Monitor:


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Two faculty members receive awards

Drs. Mike Chmielewski and Andrea Meltzer each received a Sam Taylor Fellowship award to assist them with their research. Congratulations!

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Dr. Ritz Awarded a Ford Research Fellowship

Dr. Thomas Ritz, a professor in the Psychology Department, received one of SMU’s 2013 Ford Research Fellowships for his outstanding scholarship. Congratulations to Dr. Ritz!

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Psychology Department Partners with a Pakistani Department

In January, the Psychology Department began a three-year partnership with the psychology department at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University in Peshawar, Pakistan. Funded by the U.S. State Department for more than one million dollars, the grant provides funds for activities that include:  a) faculty development through exchange programs; b) new computer, distance learning, and research equipment; c) research collaborations; d) curriculum enhancement; e) creation of psychology center; and g) enhanced clinical services.

Dr. George Holden is the project director. Also on the team from the Psychology Department are Drs. Buck Hampson and Lorelei Simpson Rowe. Javed Azam is the program director.

Holden, Rowe, and Azam traveled to Islamabad in December to meet their new colleagues.

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8 Psychology Majors Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

On Sunday, March 3, eight psychology majors were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

The inductees were: Justin Berman, Andrea Graham, Amanda Hix, Ankita Krishnan, Katie Legland, Andrea Maciejewski, Elizabeth Neil, and Steven Schiele.

Congratulations to all eight scholars for this high honor!

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