Lesson Ideas

Local middle school and high school teachers in the Dallas area created these lesson ideas to demonstrate how content-area classes can be structured to amplify learning opportunities for language learners. Note: The PDF lesson idea files on this page open in this window. Click the Back button to return to this page.

Science1, Grade 10
Science2, Grade 9
Science3, Grade 8
Science4, Grade 10
Science5, Grade 7
Science6, Grade 7
Science7, Grade 12

Math1, Grade 10
Math2, Grade 8
Math3, Grade 8
Math4, Grade 9
Math5, Grade 9-12
Math6, Grade 9-12
Math7, Grade 9-12
Math8, Grade 8
Math9, Grade 8
Math10, Grade 8
Math11, Grade 7
Math12, Grade 7
Math13, Grade 8

Language Arts
ELA1, Any Grade
ELA2, Grade 6
ELA3, Grade 6
ELA4, Grade 6-1
ELA5, Grade 6
ELA6, Grade 11

General Education
MISC1, Grade 7-8
MISC2, Grade 6-7
MISC3, Grade 6
SPANISH1, Grade 9
SPANISH2, Grade 9
SocialStudies1, Grade 6