My first date with the woman who would become my wife was the Friday evening after the first week of Perkins’ orientation. It was a good thing I didn’t go out of state to seminary.

Having been a political science major, my first semester at Perkins was quite a challenge. I worked very hard to master the language and concepts. That began my keen interest in and passion for lifelong learning. … One of my greater privileges has been to be a mentor pastor to several Perkins interns. Over the last several years, I also have benefited from my participation on the Executive Board at Perkins.

Dallas offers many resources and challenges. Many community leaders, non-profits, and faith communities are collaborating on such issues as education, community wholeness, and poverty. Dallas is an exciting place to be, and Perkins is uniquely positioned to have a role in not only forming persons for Christian ministry but to be a partner in the region’s public life.