Beginning in Fall 2013, SMU tuition and fees will include a new fee for health services. The mandatory fee of $100 for full-time undergraduate students and $50 for graduate and part-time undergraduate students will support enhancements to health care services and increased access to specialists and mental health counselors. The establishment of the fee has been endorsed by SMU Student Senate.

SMU is preparing for a major renovation to modernize facilities and augment services at the Memorial Health Center. The renovation includes plans for improved patient amenities, additional patient procedure rooms and counseling offices, and upgrades to medical equipment and technology. The plans also allow for expanded Health Center hours during evenings and on weekends.

During the past 18 months, the Health Center has gathered recommendations on desired improvements from the campus community, including through a student survey and meetings with student leadership. The new fee will help support these improvements, including additional mental health counselors, access to online scheduling and electronic health records, and expanded space for peer support groups and student health education.