More than 100 employers are participating in SMU’s Career and Internship Fair on Thursday, September 20, from noon to 4 p.m. at Hughes-Trigg Student Center. Janet Lewis, assistant director of the Hegi Family Career Development Center, advises students to make a plan before the fair about the employer representatives they’d like to visit so they can use their time efficiently. Students can find a list of participating employers here.

“Do some research and find at least one thing that interests you,” Lewis says. “You can use that in your conversation with the representative. Employers are impressed by students who take the time to learn a little about their company.”

Hegi Career Center counselors also offered these tips:

“As part of your research before the fair, check out your target employers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media may provide you more information about the company culture and what it is like to work there.”  – Guy Davis

“Dress in business casual clothing for the fair. Make eye contact and have a firm handshake when meeting employers for the first time.  These are simple yet powerful ways to be remembered.” – Darin Ford

“After the fair, if you met with a company that has a strong presence on Twitter or Facebook, tweet or post on its page about how great it was to learn about the company and its opportunities, and mention something specific that you discussed. The company’s social media team will be impressed and might even tweet back!”  – Allison Dupuis

“After the fair, make sure you follow up with employer representatives who provided you their contact information. Thank-you notes are always appreciated. Also, check the career center website to see whether the company will be hosting an information session that you can attend.” – Lisa Tran