In its commitment to students’ health and well-being, the University requires all domestic students taking nine credit hours or more to maintain health insurance through either an individual/family plan or the plan offered by SMU. In addition, all international students taking one or more credit hours must enroll in the University-offered plan unless they have a waiver granted by SMU’s Memorial Health Center.

SMU’s mandatory health insurance policy requires students to either provide documentation of private insurance coverage or to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) each term.

Students who missed the fall 2010 deadline of August 27 to provide documentation were automatically enrolled into SHIP and had a $715 semiannual premium charge applied to their student accounts. These students may submit a “late waiver appeal” form to the Health Center before September 22 to be released from the charge if they can provide proof of private insurance. No changes can be made to student accounts after September 22.

The “late waiver appeal” form can be found online here; students should return the form and required documentation to the Health Center or fax it to 214-768-2151 (attention: Krista Pruitt).

For the spring term, students must again either elect or waive SHIP in Access.SMU after they have enrolled in courses and before the deadline of January 24, 2011. Documentation must be done in Access.SMU to be considered for a waiver. Parents do not have access to this process; it must be completed by students.

Learn more about how to waive or elect coverage each term through Access.SMU.
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