SMU Dedman College Dean on Embrey Human Rights Program

DiPiero SMU“Fundamentally what we look at in Dedman College is what it means to be human. I can’t really think of anything more important than the human rights program for looking at ethical responsibilities … and to understand how we relate to each other and our communities.”

Thomas DiPiero, dean of SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, in new video about the Embrey Human Rights Program:

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Dedman Law Dean Jennifer Collins on Life ‘Lesson’

A Lesson Before Dying — it helped inspire my passion for social justice.”

— Dean Jennifer M. Collins, SMU Dedman School of Law, naming a book that’s inspired her during her career, to writer Maria Cross in The Daily Campus

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Rick Halperin, human rights leader

“17-year-old Malala [Yousafzai] represents the role young people can play in advancing human rights causes. That should inspire governments everywhere to ensure human rights education begins as soon as possible for future generations of global leaders.”

— SMU’s Embrey Human Rights Program director on this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners, named the same week his program announced its inaugural Triumph of the Spirit Award winners and Nov. 12 event

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NoViolet Bulaweyo ’07, author, We Need New Names

“Reading should be a labor. We are not here to be pleased all the time.”

– during a lecture and Q&A on her first novel, winner of the 2014 PEN/Hemingway Award and the first book by an SMU graduate to be selected as the University’s Common Reading

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Charles Krauthammer, political commentator

“This is going to be one of the dirtiest campaign seasons on record on both sides. So I say hide the children and check the plumbing: You’re going to need to shower several times a day.”

– at the Tate Student Forum

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Santiago Calatrava, architect of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

“One of the enormous qualities of America is the way it welcomes people. You have welcomed us with your will and your heart. I know so many people in this community,  but my mother, my alma mater, it’s this university.”

– during a visit to Meadows Museum, site of the first large-scale Calatrava sculpture to be permanently installed in the United States

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Michael Pollan, food activist

“Telling the difference between edible food and edible food-like substances is the key to eating well.”

– at the Tate Student Forum

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Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and The Blind Side

“The hardest part of the job is getting yourself in the chair and doing it.”

– on being a writer

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