On Belay!

The  Wellness Rock Climbing trip occurred on April Fool’s Day, 2012. We gathered around the Mustang Horse statues next to Binkley Garage and headed out to Mineral Wells State Park for a day of rock climbing and rappelling. It was the hottest day of the year so far with the temperature reaching into the mid 90s but down inside the canyon it was nice and cool with the shade from the trees and the overhanging rock protecting us. The leaders Rand, Jordan, Deaver and Tuggs set up anchors while Piotor’s class explored the area. Everybody started climbing as soon as the first lines were up and ready. There were five climbs set up before lunch. After lunch, a delicious gourmet meal of sandwiches and chips, everyone geared up for a couple more hours of climbing. Another line was put up and Tuggs set up the rappel station. Everyone safely rappelled down and it was most likely the safest activity we did all day with extreme redundancy and caution taken to insure nothing went wrong. We packed up and headed home to Dallas. Back at Dedman, everyone received their SMU Outdoor Adventure T-Shirts. Thank you to Piotor’s Wellness Class for being great participants and congratulations to Matthew Deaver, the trip leader, on becoming the first Student Manager at the Taos Climbing Tower and Hueco Bouldering Wall!

Rand Singleton – SMU OA Leader

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