Zip Lining Fall Trip

WOOOOO!!!!! Goes the camper on the zip Line.  Again and again and again and again.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday in New York Texas and we here at SMU Outdoor Adventures wholeheartedly agree, for that is exactly what we did the weekend of September the 24th  2011.  We rolled out of SMU bright and early with 6 participants and hit the highway and the county roads all the way out to the scenic, east Texas hilltop home out of which GoZIP Texas is based.  A brief, literal, crash course later, we stepped off the side of the hill on to the first of many tree-top platforms and away we went! Riding slow, short lines across the hill, getting longer and faster until we encountered the main event!  The 900 and 800 foot lines.  Needless to say these were the most ” Wooooo!! ”-inspiring of all.  We all got to play the parts of various speedy flying things as we rode.  I was a rocket ship.  Grubby and wind-blown is how we returned to our base followed by a fabulous turkey-ham-cheese-mustard-mayo bagel lunch overlooking the tree-filled valleys, some of which were showing the first signs of fall!  With the end of our leisurely mid-day sustenance session we determined that it was time to leave that beautiful place for SMU.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, not bad at all.

Connor Flynn, Trip Leader.

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