Climbing Wall’s Fall 2010 Mile High Challenge Completed!

What a great semester for the SMU Climbing Wall’s Mile High Challenge. We had over 55 people, teams or solo, attempting to capture the convented and infamous entry to the Mile High Club. Many failed but many didn’t. And as long as the Mile High Challenge has been in existence, this fall (2010) semester has seen a record number of inductees with 20 individuals.

By completing the Mile High Challenge and induction into the Mile High Club, climbers receive fame, envy of complete strangers, and the highly-sought after Mile High T-shirt. The newest additions include:
Mat Coates (first of the semester)
Jordan Lee
Ted Macguire
Hudson Lewis
Alec Pagan
Thomas Wells
Margerat Fegan
Cameron Skreden
Teams (each member must climb minimum of 1000 ft to reach goal):
Robert Keith/Hunter Higgins (first of semester)
Erica Gliga/Kira Ramani
Katie Whalen/Tyler Nelson
Liz Glander/Sean Gatz
Macey Meriggi/Christina Morrow
Josh Moore/Gerald Fawcett

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