Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip- Spring Break 2011

We have finally been able to secure a permit for a Grand Canyon backpacking trip during spring break 2011! This is our trip of the year! It will consist of two days of travelling to and one and a half days travelling from Grand Canyon and five days backpacking inside of it. We will descend the mile deep South rim of the Grand Canyon (on foot) and immerse ourselves in the history, ecology and wonder of this inspiring landscape over an entire spring break! The daily hiking mileage will range from less than 4 miles up to a high of 7 or 8 per day. The whole hike is about 20 miles long, including losing or gaining elevations of up to 3000 ft. This is desert climate backpacking at its most majestic and is sometimes difficult. Over the 6 days of backpacking along the Tonto plateau, we anticipate some long trail days and only 3 reliable sources of water. This means carrying water to camp once or twice. The trail is rocky and narrow, but fairly well defined. This hike is challenging and has been rated by SMU OA as an intermediate ability level and physically strenuous. Participants should be physically conditioned, capable of carrying up to 50 pound packs and understand that the trails are occasionally poised at the edge of big drop offs. This hike has been described as a fine canyon hike by groups that have been there before.

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