New Outdoor Adventures Staff Are the Frasizzle!

So the newly revised Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT), the outdoor adventures staff training model that incorporates a variety of outdoor recreation activity disciplines and leadership development, is just a little over half-way. New OA staff have completed approximately 80 of the 140 hours comprising the OLT. Once the OLT is completed, new OA staff will be able to lead trips, work at the Climbing Wall and run the Rental Shop.

This past weekend, 3 of our OA student staff, Stephen Hayden, Mandy Trexel, and Jordan Lee, successfully completed the PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor course earning their Climbing Wall Instructor certifications. To the untrained, this might not seem very amazing. However, consider that this semester OA staff have already completed van driving training, American Red Cross First Aid/CPR, Leave No Trace Trainer, Bottom Managed Top Rope Rock Site Management training, and 6/2-hour hands-on/lecture classes on everything from equipment field maintenance to goal setting and personal mission statements (thanks Dr Clyde from SMU LCI).

Wait, that’s not all! Now throw in the 7-day OLT Candidate Backpacking training trip in August, assisting with at least 1 trip/training/semester, Climbing Wall shifts, OA Rental Shop shifts, and SCHOOL. “Stir the pot” next semester with American Canoe Association Canoe training and American Canoe Association Coastal Kayak training and Wilderness First Aid.

What you get is a great recipe for some great staff. Congrats to the new PCIA CWI and all our staff for that matter. You have already done in a semester what very few of your fellow students will accomplish in a year…if not four years.

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