Conference name keyword search

I am unable to perform any kind of successful search in the “Conference name keyword” search in the catalog. Can I find out what MARC fields this is supposed to be searching so we can try to fix it? [Submitted by Sarah Haight 09-03-09 12:19]

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  1. Toni Nolen says:

    I am able to search by keyword. I tried the keyword “computer” and got a couple of results. Somehow, I don’t think this is very useful as it is. According to Systems Administration, we are using these fields for conference name keyword: 611A, 611B, 611C, 611D, 611E, 611N 611Q, 611T, 611X, 611Y, 611Z

  2. Sarah Haight says:

    Huh. Those are headings for a work about a conference. I think if it wants to be a helpful search, we should add to it the following fields: 111acnd (conference main author), 711acndefgklpst (conference added entry), 811acdefghklnpqstuv, and 411abcdfgklnptuv (conference as series author — rare, but shows up in older records). Of course, it’s another question whether we could get at this better in an advanced keyword anywhere search, which our patrons are probably already doing, as we haven’t received any complaints about this search yet. If this is the case, we could get rid of this search altogether. I would support that.

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