Permanent locations set in item records sometimes not displaying accurately

The OPAC team has documented a problem in which permanent locations set in item records do not display correctly in the new catalog. If there are one or two items with the same permanent location, which is different than the location in the holdings record, the location from the holdings record displays, instead of the location from the item record. Part of this issue is a known bug that has been submitted to Ex Libris. The OPAC team will work to submit the larger problem to Ex Libris and request a fix.

Impact on SMU libraries: So far, the only cases in which this has caused an inaccurate display were in CUL Periodicals and at the Hamon library. The CUL Periodicals issue was caused by a record being set up incorrectly in cataloging, and when this was fixed, the display worked correctly. The Hamon display problem is related to some maintenance they performed on their records, and Hamon staff will decide how they want to proceed on this issue. [Submitted by Sarah Haight 7/15/2009 13:59]

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