Display of status messages on holdings records

This issue is about Display messages. In PONI, if an item has been received, but not cataloged, the user sees a message in the holding that says “1 Copy Received as of 05-13-08 . Select Request button to see options.” In CUL when we have gift materail or provisional records they get a marco at the point of creating a holding record that recreates the system message. So my issue is twofold, one, LibCat is using the default message, two, do we need to change our marco and policy since we have the sidebar for request (not button). Submitted by Angela Laack 1-13-2008 11:57]

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Suggested verbiage:

    Copy Received 06-23-2009. To get this quickly, click on Make a Request, and select Notify Me.

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