SDI not working in new catalog

We have not succeeded in setting up SDI (selective dissemination of information) for any searches in the new catalog. Incident 16384-55666 was opened by Chris Milazzo with Ex Libris on 9-16-2008: WEBV:SDI:does the opacjob run on the old webvoyage?

Site is trying to set up SDI with the new WebVoyage interface. They’ve started set up on test poni right now . . . It’s fine for us to create a test patron to work on this issue. Previously when they ran the opacjob on prod server, they got an error (mentions path to webvoyage.ini), and they can’t tell if it is doing anything that would grab statistics from the new tomcat WebVoyage. They’re wondering before they test more if there are additional pieces they need to set up for using this with new WebVoyage, or do they need to specify a new path somewhere?

November 13, 2008
Hi Chris,

We have determined that your incident may be caused by a software bug. This is the first report of this problem, so it will be reviewed internally to confirm that it is a bug. It will appear in your eService Support Incidents with a status of “Development”. Once it has been confirmed a bug, it will appear in the eService Knowledge Base as a Known Issue.

If you have any questions regarding this incident or ever want a status update regarding this bug, please visit the eService at, retrieve the Support Incident and click on Add New Activity. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

John Larson
Customer Support Analyst
Ex Libris Group

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  1. Toni Nolen says:

    Ex Libris reports that SDI is no longer working in the classic version of the catalog. Rebecca Weng received this information from Ex Libris Technical Support staff:
    —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 2:20 PM
    To: Weng, Rebecca
    Subject: Update – Incident #16384-75122 SI Name: WebV: SDI not working in classic interface on version 7.0.2

    Dear Rebecca Weng,

    Please find below Ex Libris’ update to your Support Incident specified in the subject line.
    The information is enclosed for your convenience (full details can be found in our system).

    Incident name: WebV: SDI not working in classic interface on version 7.0.2
    Status: 1st. line Analysis

    Hi Rebecca

    This has been reported as a bug. The Issue number to keep track of this bug with is 16384-4193.

    Thank you

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