Renewal blocked message for faculty

Change OPAC message wording for faculty who try to renew online but are blocked because they cannot renew due to the faculty patron group block.
It is confusing to faculty since they are given the option to renew (boxes appear prompting to renew) but then they receive a message that does not explain why the block occurred. Or, is there a way to prevent the renewal boxes appearing in the OPAC for faculty?
[Submitted by Cindy Olson 10/13/2008 16:07]

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2 Responses to Renewal blocked message for faculty

  1. Toni Nolen says:

    In the classic PONI the message says: “not renewed”, with no other message. In the beta PONI–there is no message at all, the date just stays the same. Faculty are requesting a clearer message, it is confusing to them since they are given the option to renew (check boxes), but are set up for -0- online renewals. [Posted by Cindy Olson 10-14-2008 18:06]

  2. Toni Nolen says:

    I think the Classic PONI message is OK, but would be better if it could even more eye catching.

    I would consider this a loss of functionality in the new catalogue. [Posted by Clyde Putman 10-27-2008 10:14]

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