OPAC Help Subcommittee Minutes

OPAC Help Subcommittee
9/29/08 Present: Karen Leeseberg, Lynn Murray, Rebecca Graff
Search Tips
The text of these tips is largely based on what we have been using in PONI.
The words, “Search Tips” should be in boldface and highlighted (in red?) preceding the text of the tip.
Search Tips: Basic Search is best used if you know the exact title and want to find if SMU Libraries own it. To find books on a topic, use Advanced Search.
Search Tips: Use Advanced Search to find library materials on a topic. When you do not know all the words in a title or a person’s complete name, you can combine elements of what you do know.
Use a “?” to search for variant endings. For example, “histor?” retrieves records with any of these words: historian, historians, historical, history, etc.
Subject Heading
Search Tips: Subject Headings are official, standardized vocabulary for concepts. For example, “motion pictures” is the correct way of saying “movies” in the library catalog. Unless you know the official Subject Heading, it is better to use Advanced Search to find materials.
Search Tips: Author Search is best used to find if the SMU Libraries own titles by a specific author or editor. When searching for a company, association, conference, or government agency, enter your terms in the “last name” box. If you are not sure of an author’s exact name, use Advanced Search.
Course Reserves
Search Tips: A Course Reserves search allows you to see a list of items your instructor has put on reserve for a particular class. This list will give you the call numbers, location and status (available or checked out) for items that are on reserve. It will also link you to scanned documents available in electronic (.pdf) format when available.
Help Pages
Replace “WebVoyage” with “Library Catalog” on https://libcat.smu.edu/vwebv/ui/smu/htdocs/help
Remove these pages:
o Accessibility
o Map (Geospatial) Search
o Selecting a Different Database
Next Steps: each of us will revise all the pages in the remaining sections of Help
o Searching for Information – Rebecca
o Displaying Results – Lynn
o Library Account/ Requesting Materials – Karen
Next Meeting: Mid-October, Rebecca will schedule. First drafts of all revised pages should be ready to share, since they will be based on PONI help pages.
[Submitted by Rebecca Graff 10-03-2008 12:22]

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