Google Books not displaying correct titles

Some people have noticed that the Google Books link doesn’t always return the correct title. For example, “Johanson’s Texas Probate Code” shows a book, the “Arts of Power”; “Concordia Theological Quarterly” matches “Molecular Genetics of Common Metabolic Disease” in the About this book link. These are just two examples, I know we have had many more, most all have been serials. In Voyager-L there is a good explanation about what field Google Books is matching on (LCCN) and how Voyager only sends the numeric part of the LCCN not the prefix if available. That is why a lot of the problems are serials. One library reported that they use a “wrapper” to link to only books not serials/periodicals. I think that is the best way to go until Voyager has a different way to exchange this information.
[Submitted by Angela Laack 9/10/2008 16:43]

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